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C Interview Questions
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Discuss similarities and differences of Multiprogramming OS and multiprocessing OS?


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can we declare a function inside the structure? ex: struct book { int pages; float price; int library(int,float); }b; is the above declaration correct? as it has function declaration?

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inline function is there in c language?

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what is an inline function?


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where do we use structure pointer?

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where do we use volatile keyword?

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what is constant pointer?

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what is the use of bitfields & where do we use them?

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code for bubble sort?

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code for selection sort?

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code for quick sort?


code for concatination of 2 strings with out using library functions?

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how 2 compile & execute c program with out using editor?


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You have an int array with n elements and a structure with three int members. ie struct No { unsigned int no1; unsigned int no2; unsigned int no3; }; Point1.Lets say 1 byte in the array element is represented like this - 1st 3 bits from LSB is one number, next 2 bits are 2nd no and last 3 bits are 3rd no. Now write a function, struct No* ExtractNos(unsigned int *, int count) which extracts each byte from array and converts LSByte in the order mentioned in point1.and save it the structure no1, no2, no3. in the function struct No* ExtractNos(unsigned int *, int count), first parameter points to the base address of array and second parameter says the no of elements in the array. For example: if your array LSB is Hex F7 then result no1 = 7, no2 = 2, no3 = 7. In the same way convert all the elements from the array and save the result in array of structure.


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wat s the meaning of (int *)p +4;

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Define macros.


How do I copy files?


What is void main () in c?


Write program to remove duplicate in an array?


Compare and contrast compilers from interpreters.


What are the types of type specifiers?


How can a program be made to print the line number where an error occurs?


main() { inta=10,b=20; a>=5?b=100:b=200; printf("%d ",b); }


State the difference between x3 and x[3].


Explain how can I open a file so that other programs can update it at the same time?


What does a function declared as pascal do differently?


What does c mean?


Why should I prototype a function?


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In C language what is a 'dangling pointer'?