if function is declared as static in one source file, if I
would like to use the same function in some other source
file...is it possible....how ?

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if function is declared as static in one source file, if I would like to use the same function in s..

Answer / lakshman

using function pointer in main.c which holds address of
static function in the same file. But function pointer can
be used in other files.

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if function is declared as static in one source file, if I would like to use the same function in s..

Answer / vadivel t

It is possible. follow the guidelines below.

1.create a .c file called mai.c. and Its content is,

#include "Header.h"

static func(void);

static func(void)
printf("In static fucntion");

2.create another file called test.c. And its content is

#include "Header.h"

printf("In normal function \n");

3.have a .h file called Header.h and its content is,


Now main.c has a function with static key word(ie., static
func()). And its prototype and definition is available in
the same file and the same function name without static is
exist in the test.c and its prototype is there in the

When u run the program and control hits func() in main.c it
will call the static function in the same file.

When control hits next line ie., func1() it will call the
fuction func(), which is there in the test.c file(and also
there in main.c with static key word).

Now the output will be,

In static fucntion
In normal function

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