C Interview Questions
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Write a program to find minimum between three no.s whithout using comparison operator.


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what is the full form of c language

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why we are using float in C

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How to calculate sum

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write a program to remove duplicate from an ordered char array? in c

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what is foreign key in c language?


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write a program to produce the following output; ABCDEFGFEDCBA ABCDEF FEDCBA ABCDE EDCBA ABCD DCBA ABC CBA AB BA A A

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pierrot's divisor program using c or c++ code


Explain function pointer with exapmles.

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Explain demand paging.

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Explain Linker and Loader

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Three major criteria of scheduling.

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Find if a number is power of two or not?

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Find greatest number out of 10 number without using loop.


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Find occurence of a character in a sting.


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write a program to print largest number of each row of a 2D array


Can you explain what keyboard debouncing is, and where and why we us it? please give some examples


what is a function method?give example?


what is the difference between north western polytechnique university and your applied colleges?? please give ur answers for this. :)


Please send me WIPRO technical question to my mail ID.. its nisha_g28@yahoo.com please its urgent


Write a C program to count the number of email on text


please explain clearly about execution of c program in detail,in which stage are the printf sacnf getting into exeecutable code


why return type of main is not necessary in linux


4. main() { int c=- -2; printf("c=%d",c); }


how to write a c program to print list of fruits in alpabetical order?


Program will then find the largest of three numbers using nested if-else statements. User is prompted to enter three numbers. Program will find the largest number and display it on the screen. All three numbers entered by the user are also displayed. If user enters 21, 33, and 5, the output should be as follows: You entered: 21, 33 and 5. The largest number is 33.


how to introdu5ce my self in serco


how to make a scientific calculater ?


Write a C/C++ program that connects to a MySQL server and checks if the InnoDB plug-in is installed on it. If so, your program should print the maximum number of concurrent threads that the InnoDB plug-in can create.


what is the significance of static storage class specifier?