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Explain Linker and Loader

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Explain Linker and Loader..

Answer / anusha.r

The basic job of any linker or loader is simple: it binds
more abstract names to more concrete names, which permits
programmers to write code using the more abstract names.
That is, it takes a name written by a programmer such as
getline and binds it to ``the location 612 bytes from the
beginning of the executable code in module iosys.'' Or it
may take a more abstract numeric address such as ``the
location 450 bytes beyond the beginning of the static data
for this module'' and bind it to a numeric address

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Explain Linker and Loader..

Answer / ashwinishaligram308

Linker is the one which links libraries and loader is the
program which load the proacess in to memory for execution

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Explain Linker and Loader..

Answer / ashutosh

linker is used to attach the source code from library
content, and loader in the component of operatng system.with
the help loader source code load in the memory.

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Explain Linker and Loader..

Answer / vadivel t

Linker is a stage before loader. Linker is a person who is
responsible for linking the different object file and the
outcome will be a executable file. Loader is a person who
reads the content of the executable file and place it into
memory. This code shall be executed when the operating
system control is coming to the loaded program.

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Explain Linker and Loader..

Answer / mubeen riaz

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Computers basicly work with binary numbers, people speak their native languages, so, programming languages are for communication between people and computers. If you say: Add 2 and 3 and then substract 1 from it, I doubt that computer would understand anything (maybe in some programming language it would). So, you need to translate your source code into a format that computer understands, so you need a compiler, which translates a programming language to co called object code. But object code is not yet the language a computer understands and executes directly. So it needs a linker which will make an executable file that containts instructions in so called machine language; a machine language is a set of operations coded into binary numbers which processor understands. All binary instructions have it's structure and it's published by a processor manufacturers. You can look for it on say Intel's site and see how do they look like. I can't give a satisfactory answer for loaders at the moment so please search Google as a beginning step.

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