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C Interview Questions
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What is ambagious result in C? explain with an example.



Derive the complexity expression for AVL tree?

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what is difference between declaring the pointer as int and char in c language?

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wt is diference between int and int pointer as same as float and float pointer and char and char pointer

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write a c program to change only the 3rd bit of the particular number such that other bits are not affected.. if bitnum=10(say.. it can be any no..

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What is key word in c language?


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write the output of following code .. main() { static int a[]={10,20,30,40,50}; int *ptr=a; static int arr[2][2]={1,2,3,4}; char str[]="ABCD * 4#"; char *s=str+2; int i,j; for(i=0;i<5,i++) printf("%d",*ptr++); for(i=0;i<2;i++) for(j=0;j<2;j++) printf("%d\n",*(*(n+i)+j)); printf("%c\n%c\n%c\n",*(str+2),*s++,*--s); }

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what is c programing


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how to swap two nubers by using a function with pointers?

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Write a c program to Find the name that you entered is male name or female name? Such as Sunjay is name of male and Payal is name of female

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swapping of two numbers without using third variable using AND and OR operators

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why integer range between -327680to+32767

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Write c-code for 5+55+555+5555+55555+555555+5555555. Output will be it's answer...


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main() { int i=5; printf("%d%d%d%d",i++,i--,i); }

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main() { int i=0; while(+(+i--)!=0) i-=i++; printf(i); }

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general for is %wd,f-d; in this system "w" means a) 'w' represent total width of digits b) 'w' represent width which includes the digits before,after decimal place and the decimal point c) 'w' represent width which includes the digits before only d) 'w' represent width after decimal place only


Can a variable be both const and volatile?


What is identifiers in c with examples?


i = 25;switch (i) {case 25: printf("The value is 25 ");case 30: printf("The value is 30 "); When the above statements are executed the output will be : a) The value is 25 b) The value is 30 c) The value is 25 The value is 30 d) none


Is c is a high level language?


The program will first compute the tax you owe based on your income. User is prompted to enter income. Program will compute the total amount of tax owed based on the following: Income Tax 0 - $45,000 = 0.15 x income $45,001 - $90,000 = 6750 + 0.20 x (income – 45000) $90,001 - $140,000 = 15750 + 0.26 x (income – 90000) $140,001 - $200,000 = 28750 + 0.29 x (income – 140000) Greater than $200,000 = 46150 + 0.33 x (income – 200000) Dollar amounts should be in dollars and cents (float point numbers with two decimals shown). Tax is displayed on the screen.


How can I write a function analogous to scanf?


What is main () in c language?


Is struct oop?


What is #define?


Write a c program to demonstrate character and string constants?


What is difference between function overloading and operator overloading?


write a program in c language to print your bio-data on the screen by using functions.


What is the difference between call by value and call by reference in c?


How to write a code for implementing my own printf() and scanf().... Please hep me in this... I need a guidance... Can you give an coding for c... Please also explain about the header files used other than #include...