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Write a c pgm for leap year

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c pgm count no of lines , blanks, tabs in a para(File concept)

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What is the difference function call by value & function call by reference?

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What is the difference b/w Structure & Class?

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What is the difference b/w Structure & Union?

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What is the difference b/w Structure & Array?

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difference between malloc and calloc


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A stack can be implemented only using array?if not what is used?


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Whether there can be main inside another main?If so how does it work?

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Program to find larger of the two numbers without using if-else,while,for,switch

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what is linkage error when it occurs in c program

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what is difference between array,strutter,union and pointers

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please give me a VIRTUSA sample palcement papers.... you will only send TECHNICAL SECTION..... that is help for me Advance Thanks........................


what is the difference between i++ and ++i?

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main() { static char *s[]={"black","white","yellow","voilet"}; char **ptr[]={s+3,s+2,s+1,s}, ***p; p=ptr; **++p; printf("%s",*--*++p+3); }


i have a written test for microland please give me test pattern


in a town the percentage of men is 52 the percentage of total literacy is 48 if total percentage of literate men is 35 of the total population write a program to find the total no of the literate men and women if the population of the town is 80000


the factorial of non-negative integer n is written n! and is defined as follows: n!=n*(n-1)*(n-2)........1(for values of n greater than or equal to 1 and n!=1(for n=0) Perform the following 1.write a c program that reads a non-negative integer and computes and prints its factorial. 2. write a C program that estimates the value of the mathematical constant e by using the formula: e=1+1/!+1/2!+1/3!+.... 3. write a c program the computes the value ex by using the formula ex=1+x/1!+xsquare/2!+xcube/3!+....


program to find out date after adding 31 days to a date in the month of febraury also consider the leap year


char *p="name"; printf(p);


What is the difference between declaring a variable by constant keyword and #define ing that variable?


provide an example of the Group by clause, when would you use this clause


how to create duplicate link list using C???


how do you programme Carrier Sense Multiple Access


Hai what is the different types of versions and their differences


Which is the memory area not included in C program? give the reason


write a program to find out prime number using sieve case?


Sir i need notes for structure,functions,pointers in c language can you help me please


what is reason of your company position's in india no. 1.