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C Interview Questions
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Write a c pgm for leap year

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c pgm count no of lines , blanks, tabs in a para(File concept)

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What is the difference function call by value & function call by reference?

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What is the difference b/w Structure & Class?

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What is the difference b/w Structure & Union?

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What is the difference b/w Structure & Array?

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difference between malloc and calloc

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A stack can be implemented only using array?if not what is used?


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Whether there can be main inside another main?If so how does it work?

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Program to find larger of the two numbers without using if-else,while,for,switch

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what is linkage error when it occurs in c program

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what is difference between array,strutter,union and pointers

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please give me a VIRTUSA sample palcement papers.... you will only send TECHNICAL SECTION..... that is help for me Advance Thanks........................


what is the difference between i++ and ++i?

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Un-Answered Questions { C }

Explain can static variables be declared in a header file?


What is the explanation for modular programming?


what is the role you expect in software industry?


How does normalization of huge pointer works?


write a program to convert a expression in polish notation(postfix) to inline(normal) something like make 723+* (2+3) x 7 (not sure) just check out its mainly printing expression in postfix form to infix.


What is union in c?


Simplify the program segment if X = B then C ← true else C ← false


write a progrmm in c language take user interface generate table using for loop?


What are pointers?


What is substring in c?


What type of function is main ()?


What are global variables and explain how do you declare them?


If jack lies on Mon, Tue Wed and jill lies on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If both together tell they lied yesterday. So c the given options and then c cos in the given dates one will be saying the truth and one will be lying. I got Thursday as option because jack is saying the truth he lied yest but jill is lying again as he lies on that day.


How can I write data files which can be read on other machines with different word size, byte order, or floating point formats?


What are the various types of control structures in programming?