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Honeywell Interview Questions
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can a COM interface be implemented by more than one COM class in the same COM component?

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IF we have lot of records in Database. How we can handle them?

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How to exite natural frequencies in a overhung rotor


Why even multiple power supplu r used in instrumentation system?

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I have a steam flow DP transmitter that has output swinging. Steam valve is in manual.I have good steam pressure. The impulse lines have steam tracing on them. The steam tracing has a hole in it that is blowing raw steam on the high side impulse line only. Could this be causing the swinging?

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What is an anti aliasing filter? Why is it required?

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What is linearity of RTD over 0 to 200 degC?

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It is desired to reduce effect of 50Hz pick up in a thermocouple measurement. If a third order LP filter is used for this, what should be its cut off frequency, if gain should be 0.001 at 50Hz.

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What is sensitivity of K type thermocouple? Is polarity important in thermocouple connections?

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How can one improve linearity of an RTD based temperature measurement system?

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What is cold junction compensation in thermocouples? How is it achieved?

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How does one detrmine the direction of movement of core in an LVDT?

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What is an instrumentation amplifier? How is it better than a differential amplifier when handling outputs from a wheatstone's bridge?

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In which layer of the network datastructure format change is done


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Honeywell Interview Questions

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