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Hindalco Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How to calculat the size of copper& aluminium wire ?

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why synchronization done in clockwise direction?

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hi can you give any body fault level calculation, generator fault level calculation,transformer fault level calculation for system fault level with equation? i have 3.3kv generation voltage three gas gen sets, one is 1.9MW,2nd is 2.5MW,& 3rd is 3.8MW & i have 11 kv generation voltage one gas gen sets is 3.8MW, we are step up to 22kv by transformer

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what is the roll of power factor in induction motor.

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What is negative phase sequence?

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How electrical power(MW)is varied OF an A.C Generator in response to varying steam input to a steam turbine ?

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How electrical power is generated by an A.C Generator ?

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in case of three phase induction motor,when it is connected to three phase supply,why the magnetic field is rotets around the armeture?

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what will happen if the input of a transformer is dc?

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Please tell me the power flow from pmg to main rotor of an alternator (Including AVR unit)?


Is LV shorted in magnettic balance test?If yes why?

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what is the role of frequency in electrical system

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why transformer impedance measure in % (percentage)

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Whats the purpose of neutral earthing?

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please give some hindalco placement papers for written exam


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