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HDFC Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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When i go to interview in any company they told me only one question why u r join this company and why u r quit for your current job ?

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what is your goal, strength and weekness

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why have you chosen marketing field

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how i should sell one mobile phone when interviewer will ask sell this phone to me

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what type of job profile is best for MBA(marketing)?

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what is the difference between sale and marketing?

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differance between sale and marketing

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how will you handle two very important companies at the same time same day?


if the customer is dissatisfied with the service of ur company, how will you handle the customer? write the steps

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what is general insurance? name 5 types of general insurance.

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what is networking in marketing?

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what i have lear by doing mba


you have work in agribusiness for two years then why you come for MBA

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how can i sale a low price pen to the reputed person who use branded pen

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why u did mba after and why u choose marketing as your specialization


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HDFC Marketing Sales Interview Questions

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