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HDFC General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Monetary policy is the policy of (1) Central Bank of India (2) Reserve Bank of India (3) Scheduled Banks (4) Public Sector Banks

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Which of the following banks has recently launched the Kisan Credit Card? 1 Punjab National Bank 2 State Bank of India 3 Bank of Baroda 4 None of these

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Please give us model sbi clerk exam questions

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how much salery expect from me ?

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i have selected for interview in exam sbi clerk i need some interview question. i have completed my graduation from commerce plez help me


What is the difference between Current Account & Savings Account related to bank?

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Name 5 countries that adopted the 3 Ideals of Liberty, Equality & Fraternity. If possible 2 lines on each country on how & why it adopted the same.

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The Largest Private Bank Of India?

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HDFC General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

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