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HDFC Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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after adjusting the amounts accountant of the company prepares which accounts??

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what is sensex and nifty.

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How to calculate bank's turnover?

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what is credit balance of bank define briefly???

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why closing balance do not come in trial balance?if it is in which case it comes?

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Information on Cost accounting vs. Management accounting

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Why did you choose banking as your profession?

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why closing balance do not come in trial balance?if it is in which case it comes?

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what is difference between nominal and real account

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What are the differences among Mortgage, Pledge and Hypothecation ? please any body reply me in simple language as I have read many articals on it still I find my self anble to explain it, I always get confused. If want to tell personally please send me email or add me on Gtalk My ID is Thanks

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can we get all interview questions with answers in tally 9 which mostly asked in MNC's.

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hi,myself mona i m selected by the MUTHOOT FINANCE Ltd as a Account and operation officer,what kind of question they ask me in written test which include numerical and aptitude

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you did bca then why did you chose mba?

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what is balace sheet??

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what is BPS

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HDFC Accounting AllOther Interview Questions

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