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Hi,Viwes any body tell me how to prepare for DAO and which
books is best for it?

Hi,Viwes any body tell me how to prepare for DAO and which books is best for it?..

Answer / lakshmi

syllabus is..................



1. General Science – Contemporary developments in Science
and Technology and
their implications including matters of every day
observation and experience, as
may be expected of a well-educated person who has not made
a special study of
any scientific discipline.
2. Current events of national and international importance.
3. History of India – emphasis will be on broad general
understanding of the subject
in its social, economic, cultural and political aspects
with a focus on AP Indian
National Movement.
4. World Geography and Geography of India with a focus on
5. Indian polity and Economy – including the country’s
political system- rural
development – Planning and economic reforms in India.
6. Mental ability – reasoning and inferences



1. Number systems – Rational and irrational numbers-decimal
numbers-modulus of a real number – inequalities involving
modulus- Primes and
composite numbers – least common multiple and greatest
common divisor-surds
and logarithms.
2. Ratio and proportion-Averages-percentages-profit and
and compound interests-Partnerships-Time and distance –
Time and work-clocks
and calendar.
3. Polynomials-special products-factorization-Remainder
equations-Algebraic expressions-Binomial theorem for
positive integral index.
4. Sets-fundamental operations on sets-Relations and
functions-Types of functions-
Matrices (utmost of type 3X3) – Matrix addition and
multiplication – system of
linear Equations.
5. Statistics – Frequency table - Mean, Median and mode-
rank correlation-Mean
deviation-standard deviation and variance.


1. Areas of squares, rectangles, triangles quadrilaterals,
parallelogram and
2. Geometry of triangles and polygons-identical triangles
similarity of triangles-
Pythagoras theorem and applications.
3. Surface area and volumes of solids such as Sphere,
Cylinder, Cone and Prism.
4. Geometry of Circles-Common tangents to two Circles and
their properties-
Chords and sectors of circle.
5. Coordinates in two-dimension plane-Distance formula-area
of triangle-Equation
of straight line in different forms-Applications -
Trigonometric ratios and their
values for special angles-simple trigonometric identities

For the preparation of DAO first prepare
textbooks thoroughly after for practice purpose
use "vijetha compititions" book and read current affairs

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