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GE Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What criteria u r following in ur company for selecting related failed test cases in regression testing?

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When should testing be stopped?

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what is meant by application server and its functions?

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Where will you give the Reproduce option in Bug report?

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how do you know the testcases writing completed

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Who will prepare the Tracaility Matrix?

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What is there in the final Test Summary Report

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Why most of the people saying testing is easy job? an you justify?

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What is the Input of Testcase?

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EXplain the diffeenet types of bugs.....

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After receiving the bug as fixed , what types of tests we will continue...

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What are the Blackbox Testing Techniques?

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What is Static & dynamic Testing?

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What is the need of testing? Give three reasons....

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The Managment is saying Stop Testing immediately some reasons.... What will you do at that time....

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GE Manual Testing Interview Questions

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