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GE Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions
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1.) - Design the class model and produce a class diagram for a set of vehicle types for a vehicle manufacturer. At a minimum, the class model should include the following information: - Type of vehicle (e.g. sedan, truck, etc), - Number of seats - Number of doors - Color of the vehicle - Transmission type (auto vs manual) - Engine’s rated horsepower - Number of engine cylinders - Engine size (in liters) - Number of stereo speakers - Does it include satellite radio? - Does it have a CD player? (and if so, how many CDs can it hold?) - Is it front, rear, all, or 4 wheel drive? - Truck bed type (e.g. short, standard, long) - Trunk size (for those vehicle types that have a trunk) 2.) I want to create an in-memory definition for a set of airline routes for a small airline company. I want to maintain a list of all of my planes and their current locations (or their destination location if they are currently in the air). One of the possible locations needs to be “hangar” for maintenance or repairs. I want to have the full airline schedule available so that I can look for available flights. I also want to store information on which planes are operating each schedule. Assuming that a customer comes to the ticketing counter at one of my airports when it opens at 6:00am, I want to be able to give a customer the fastest option to get from one airport to another. Keep in mind that it may take more than one flight to get from one airport to another. Describe how you would fulfill this request with your design. 3.) I want to create a course registration database for a university. I want to store information for each department, information for each course (including which department they’re offered under as well as which professors are teaching them), information for each professor, and the list of the registered students and which courses each student has registered for. Keep in mind that an instance of a course could be taught by multiple instructors (i.e. one instructor for the first half of the course and then a different instructor for the second half). Also keep in mind that there could be multiple instances of a given course offered by different sets of instructors (e.g. offered by Bob Smith on Mondays & Wednesdays at 10am and Bill Jones on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 1pm). Design a set of database tables to store this information. 4.) Given the following: You have an application that consists of three parts: a front end GUI, a middle-ware layer where all the processing of data takes place and a database where data is read from. What are the areas that would be most likely to break? What would your testing strategy for this be? Why? 5.) Imagine I am handing you a wine glass and I ask you to test it. What would your testing strategy for this be?

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What is autocall macro and how to create autocall macro? what is the use of it?


Have you used callsymputx? what points need to be kept in mind when using it?


Give examples of macro quoting function?


What sysoption determines where the macro facility searches a specific catalog for complied macro?


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GE Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions

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