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GE Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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Is Bank Reconciliation Statement is compulsory prepared? Even when both cash & Bank Book are tally?

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What cost-cutting measures have you implemented?

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clasification of accounts

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what is bpo

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What is the Difference between Real Accont and Nominal Account?

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please send me a HSBC basic accounting question & answers to my mail id.

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what is genpact? Tell us about genpact? what is GE? Tell us about GE? Describe your ideal company,location and job? why we should hire you? why do you want to join our company(GE)? What is capital bugeting? Explain the methods of capital bugeting in detail?

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what is the meaning of preliminary expenses and how you shown in balance sheet

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what are the three basic acounting principles.what is account reconcilliation.what is portfolio management

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why should i hire you? what are your outside interest? what was your toughest decision you ever have to make?


What is the content of purchase order? n content of voucher? what is the main use of voucher.


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GE Accounting AllOther Interview Questions

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