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Essar Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is difference between Boring, Reaming and Lapping?

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What is the use of a PULLEY?

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When crude oil heated Which Hydro carbon comes first?

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The fatigue life of a part can be improved by ?

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Poisons ratio is higher in (rubber/steel/wood)

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what do you know about the company?

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effect of temperature on stainless steel,aluminized steel,chromium at (500C-750C)-required for project work on silencer 1.thermal conductivity 2.heat conduction 3.mechanical strength 4.temperature to weight ratio urgent


how can we find the discharge pressure of the pump with the use of flow and NPSH?


what will be the velosity of a water at in the pipe of 6 inches which is situated at the bottom of 10 mtr tank ?

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what is different between mechanical seal and oil seal

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what is the total power generated in india and in world?

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can i use IS 2062 gr B pipes in the softening plant pipings?


why 2 APH used in one boiler

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Pls tell me the diff bw impulse turbine and reaction turbine


what should do  to reduce the breakdown of fire water pump?

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Essar Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

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