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what is repo rate? ..

Answer / lekha

the rate at which the RBI lends to banks

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what is repo rate? ..

Answer / lekha

repo and reverse repo rate are the rates at which the rbi
lends to banks and banks park excess funds with the central

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what is repo rate? ..

Answer / s m mashuque

Repo rate refers to the interest rate at which RBI lends to
banks in short term or overnight, while reverse repo is the
rate for borrowing from banks.

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what is repo rate? ..

Answer / seema redhu

repo rate is that rate at which RBI lends securities &
money to other banks.current rate is 7.75.

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what is repo rate? ..

Answer / ridhvik

Repo and Reverse Repo are tools available in the hands of
RBI to manage the liquidity in the system. It either
injects liquidity into the market if the conditions are
tight or sucks out liquidity if the liquidity is excess in
the system through the Repo and Reverse Repo mechanism,
besides a host of other measures.

Now in REPO RBI injects liquidity into the system i.e. it
purchases the securities from the banks and lends money to
them to ease their liquidity crunch. The rate charged by it
for lending money is the REPO rate.

Reverse REPO is the opposite of REPO: When liquidity is
excess in the system. RBI sucks it out by Reverse REPO by
lending securities and taking out money from banks. The
rate charged for it is the Reverse Repo rate.
These rates, form the bottom and the top of the Call money
lending/borrowing of the banks. The call money rates
generally fall in between this corridor.

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what is repo rate? ..

Answer / raj

repo rate is the interest rate at which the reserve bank of
india or central bank of the nation provide loans to
commercial banks

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what is repo rate? ..

Answer / sonali

Reo is the interest rate at which the RBI lends money to
other banks for meeting the short term deficits.

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what is repo rate? ..

Answer / milind

Repo rate is the rate at which rate RBI lends short term
funds to bank

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what is repo rate? ..

Answer / somnath maity

repo rate is the rate at which rbi discount securities like
treasury bill to the bank. To meet certain liquidity
standards ,from time to time, banks sell their securities
like treasury bills to rbi at a discount price called
reporate ,for a short period of time like overnight or fort
night . after specified time banks repurchase the bill at
its face value. so high repo rate high loss for banks or
hike in reporate absorbe liquidity from the market by less
lending to the banks, which in turn tame inflation.

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what is repo rate? ..

Answer / jogender

repo rate is a rate at which rbi lends money to schedule

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