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Ernst Young Taxation Interview Questions
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Where do you see yourself after 5 Years?

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i want to know about C , F, H Form & when i issue this from , what r the condition to issue this form ?

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for the deduct of tds on rent including service tax or not

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What is Vat and how it is adjustable with input vat and what return form required for DVAT?


What is Inter Company Reconciliation?

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What is the method of Calculation of Deffered tax as per AS -22? Which income is included in calculating Deffered tax? Net profit or Sales for calcultion?

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what is the entry for bad debts?

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what is prepaid expenses & entry

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CERTAIN LIST OF EXPENSES ARE MENTIONED IN SECTION 35D regarding amortisation of such expenses........not included in the list are expenses like administrative expenses,consultancy fees etc...if these expenses are of revenue nature then well and good enough, problem taken care of.If it is not of revenue nature nor is it included in the list, how do u treat such expenses. Do u capitalise them by way of fixed assets or sunk costs or what do u do? any case laws that talk about expenses not mentioned in the section?


What is Sale in Transit Transaction and what are the forms issued and get form parties ?

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What is Tax refund?

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