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Ericsson Interview Questions
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Dear Friends, Currently i m working as Business Analyst in a Bangalore based organization. Can you anyone tell what are the certifications available for a Business Analyst? I got few, but i m not sure how to proceed further. Please help tech geeks. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Ganesh email:

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what is integration,optimization of gsm corenetwork in practice?


what is the use of combiner in gsm phones

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how can we increase back up of 300ah battery.can we connects one more 300ah parallel or series?

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What is the GSM fundamental?

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Waht is polarization,explain verical and horizantal?

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what is VSWR?

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What is the ruturn loss?

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is throwing exception from a constructor not a good practice ?

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1.What is the difference between Diplexer and Duplexer and what position? 2. What is the different between CDU C and CDU A 3. How do you link a T1 from the 1st BTS to 2nd BTS 4. What is the value for TEI 1st T1? 5. What is the SSI?

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Role of Finance Manager in matters of dividend policy? Alternatives and factors that you may consider before finalizing dividend policy?

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3.Which type of fading cause serious distortion of modulated signal a)selective fading b)interference fading c)absorption fading d)polarization fading

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highest voltage gain can be obtained from a ).CC b).CE c).CB d).Both CE and CB

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What is the main difference between GSM & CDMA?

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how a call route from pstn to mobile.please tell in details

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Ericsson Interview Questions

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