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EEE Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is meant by Reactor in power system and what are the uses?

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Explain why machinery used on a.c supply is usually rated in KVA instead of KW?

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what is the working principle of contactor and conditions of normal open and normal close on it?

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i am swathi, 4th year. In smps(switched mode power supply)we are using diodes,mosfets,igbts for controling of current. And my question is why we did not use thyristors(scr)? it is also act as a switch,then what is the drawback of scr as compared to above transisters> if we use the scr,then what is happening ? plz give reply as soon as possible bcoz i am doing project on smps. plz frnds i want ans for that. if anybody know the ans plz send to my e-mail id /

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