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EEE RRB Interview Questions
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Railway Recruitment Board (Chandigarh) Goods Guard Recruitment Exam May 2004 Question Paper

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How to Typecaste a PChar to a longint?


What is Noise?


What elements of your job do you find most difficult?


hii exparts plz give me one example of business process of a company..plz plz....


Is there any possibility in the biztalk FIFO(first-in-first-out) without use the orchestration? how to implement explain?


why do u think u r suitable for the field of marketing....????


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Discuss the nature and types of secondary data sources. Also discuss the data research procedure.


Hi,  I have 7+years experience In purchasing a new and doing sap-mm training,  how is market for mm and how to find job as sap consultant,  Pl help, 


What are the disadvantages of axial flow (piston type) automatic control valve compared to the conventional types (globe or diaphragm) If you are a designer/specifier, do you accept this type of valve for using in building's piping systems ?


when ever i try to installed sap ecc6.0 sr2 on single system. it show error on phase import abap "Not all objects are successfully processed. DIAGNOSIS: for details see output file with invalid object invalid_objects.txt and log file object_checker.log . SOLUTION: normally it indicate the data load error but in some special cases( for example if some object were created or loaded externally) you can press ok to continue" here error sentence is complete. pls tell what actual error its? is it kernel file related?


we shall use Dichloromethane in last stage of API.


EEE RRB Interview Questions
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