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EEE Interview Questions
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previous rrb secunderabad exam papers with solutions?

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What is meant by Reactor in power system and what are the uses?

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Explain why machinery used on a.c supply is usually rated in KVA instead of KW?

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Un-Answered Questions

How to get serial number of my drive ?


How to create a file using vi editor? 2)how to delete a file in vi editor? 3)How to connect the server datastage to unix? what r the command lines we r using? 4)30 jobs r runnig in unix i want to find out my job. how to do this? give me command?


how to deploy tomcatserver to weblogic server? write d following steps?


In project we have Documentation phase also,in that what is micro and macro designing?


Where the data is extracted during init of delta and during delta updates?


SET is the ANSI standard for variable assignment, SELECT is not. SET can only assign one variable at a time, SELECT can make multiple assignments at once. If assigning from a query, SET can only assign a scalar value. If the query returns multiple values/rows then SET will raise an error. SELECT will assign one of the values to the variable and hide the fact that multiple values were returned (so you'd likely never know why something was going wrong elsewhere - have fun troubleshooting that one) When assigning from a query if there is no value returned then SET will assign NULL, where SELECT will not make the assignment at all (so the variable will not be changed from it's previous value) As far as speed differences - there are no direct differences between SET and SELECT. However SELECT's ability to make multiple assignments in one shot does give it a slight speed advantage over SET.


What are all the companies are doing manual testing till now ?


why we r not earthed Control cable of C.T. terminals


how to print the character with maximum occurence and print that number of occurence too in a string given ?


In solaris 10 root Disk is 98% full what steps to be taken?


how sap is different from other software ?


What effect does dyhydromonoxide have on green vegetation?


How to check hplc detecter sensitivity?


Q1. Why did you enter the field of chemistry? Q2. What has motivated you to take chemistry as your professional subject and have you motivated anyone towards your field?


y do v use single anteena in radar any other reason except cost???


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