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Dr Reddys Pharmacy Interview Questions
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How LOD & LOQ calculating?

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besides Signal & noise ratio how calculating LOD & LOQ?


what is Invivo-vitro relatioship in Dissolution?

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In KF Standardisation Why We using Disodium Tartarate?

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what is limit of FDS In Related Substances?

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calculations of LOD & LOQ

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What is difference between method validation and Verification?

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how FTIR calibration Doing?

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what is sink condition in Dissolution?

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In Dry powder inhalation Andersen casacde impacor for FPF performing in that we adjusting 60LPM/MIN and time 4second ,why? Explain

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Difference Between Purity And Potency?

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what is the principle of AWC (Auto weight control) in compression machine.

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How can I differentiate between OOS, change control and deviation

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What is the Disintegration time for Hard gelatin Capsule in USP?


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