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Dr Reddys Interview Questions
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What is meant by chemical antagonism?

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What are Tetracyclines?

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What is Chaemostat?

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What is kovac’s reagent?

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what is lithipone?

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what is redox potential of an organic compound?

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NH2-CH2-COOH belongs to what structure?

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Send me some of the commands being used in linux

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Describe your experience with quality assurance and quality control analyses?

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what is analytical chemistry all about?

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What is entire principle involved in karl fischer titration

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tell me what is the interview when some one want to get a job in this company?


Which of the following is connected with blood pressure? 1 Liver 2 Testis 3 Pancreas 4 Adrenal

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my problem is to export my report to xsl.i can do that.but the problem is my report has 3 headings first heading should be printed with the merging of (1-5)cells and heading 2 should be of merge(2-4)cells?how to do this condition?

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Pharma Quality Assurance Interview Questions.

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