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Dr Reddys Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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Principle of single pan analytical balance


What is the pilot-plant in pharma sector.

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What is use of LOD and LOQ in validtion and give range and in calculation why we use 3.3* LOD here why we use 3.3

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what is basc principle of the HPLC,IR,UV AND GC? what is difference between diffusion spectra and transmision spectra in IR?

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why do we adjusted ph in the mobilphase

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why we use a particular hplc column for a particular compound give reasons?please


What is the exact reason to use THF and IPA in buffers of Reverse phase HPLC as a solvent?

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what is kf principal

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in hplc calibration injector linearity pass,it means inj and det is good. why to perform detector linearity is it required, if it is required,what is difference between injector and detector linearity in hplc calibration

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If mass balance is not passing in forced degradation in method validation that method is suitable or not?

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Which water can use Hplc analysis

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In chromatograpbic purity 90% is there, in assay 70% is there. How will you prove remaining 30%.

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Why pyrene is also use for calibration if detector

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why we use 0.1% acetone in gradient calibration of HPLC?

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what is the most common FT-IR source used for the MID&Near IR regions?

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