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CPCL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What type of DC Generator is used for Arc Welding purposes?

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How do you reverse the direction of rotation of a FAN?

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what is the synchronous timer ? and it applications.


what is the principle of dc generators?

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what is earthing/

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what is the use of earthing?

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why we provided electrical earthing?

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explain the details about vaccum circut breaker and advantages?

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The corona effect is more in a) summer b) winter c) dry weather d) humidity weather

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what is proper capacitor placement? How to evaluate capacitor size?


How you calculate the repturing capacity of a HRC fuse


how to carry out Magnetizing Current Test on Distribution transformer and what purpose we are doing this test.

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What is the acceptance value of leakage current in HI POT test

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What's is the difference between IVT and CVT?

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150 hp moter how many kwh in 1 hour and what forfula 3 phase kwh.

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