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CPCL Placement Papers Interview Questions
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how to prepare cpcl written examination


chemical engineering

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what are the responsibilities as a call centre execuitive when we talk to the customer ?


write a short note on inspection and supervision report and their uses


Write a Java program to deactivate a cell phone when authentication failed


what are the advantages and disadvantages of extended vlan (range 1006-4094)?


How do you configure QTP AND Test director?


Which type of diagphram use in costic line,DM water line,natural gas line,oil line?


what is the anual report of hcl bpo


mention few medical representative companies around mysore


Examine the marits and Limitations of the obsrvation method in collecting data. Illustrate your answer with suitable example.


Can anyone,please give me the step by step how the testing process work.The order i testing and what documents do we create in what order/phase of the testing.


How the Sy-Mandt value gets updated in the table and Is this having any foreign key relationship.


suppose i login into gmail page after that i read all the messages (say 10 messages) i have to send (SAVE) the messages in Html,notepad and i have to replay(Compose) send the messages please give me the code and give mail id so that i can clear my question


What do you mean Business


Why the cores of large transformers build up of circular cross section?


hi,this is satheesh working as pl/sql resource in MNC.i just wanna switch to informatica.Could you please let me know what is the best way to learn informatica.what are the best coaching centres available in chennai?Is there any coaching centre will give me a real time experience? informatica


CPCL Placement Papers Interview Questions
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