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CPCL Interview Questions
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You create an assembly to access data in a relational database. This assembly will be used by several ASP.NET applications on your Web server. You need to ensure that all your applications can access the assembly. Which two actions should you take (Each Answer: presents part of the solution.)? (Choose two) A . Run the Assembly Registration tool (Regasm.exe). B . Run the String Name tool (Sn.exe). C . Run the Installer tool (Intallutil.exe). D . Run the Global Assembly Cache tool (Gacutil.exe).

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did any one have model question for cpcl exam for experienced engineers?

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How do you reverse the direction of rotation of a FAN?

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what is the principle of dc generators?

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what is earthing/

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what is the use of earthing?

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why we provided electrical earthing?

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explain the details about vaccum circut breaker and advantages?

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What is meant by surging in compressors?

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what is density

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what is bearing journal?

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How to calculate the Range of level transmitter ?

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