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Aditya Birla HR Questions Interview Questions
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how to answer freshers "tell me about your self?"

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My Toefl score is lower than the graduate school requests. I sent my applications but haven't sent my Toefl score yet. Should I send my Toefl score or should I wait for their answer?


What platforms can I automate VSS using OLE?


can any one explain about dataflow in the informatica project for bank domain....thanks is advance


How do you describe your management style?


Describe a recent short term stressful situation and how you managed it?


what is virgin sex?


why power factor is lagging and leading(i.e -1to +1)


How EVA granules manufactured (I wanted to know the manufacturing process). (Virgin Granules) and what are the Raw Materials used.


Is UML restrictive to system development?


What is control room temperature and which guide line says?


Why lose 1 phase voltage in 33kv to 415v stepdown transformer


Do u know any one? how to find out in motor rated amps? formula?


How to Create a custom TInplaceEdit for TDBGrid ?


I have been using an 600VA with 0.6 p.f UPS with my desktop which has 450W power supply unit. Can anyone explain how can this happen . Because the output of the UPS is 360W (600*0.6) (<450W)


What is constructors and distructors.


Aditya Birla HR Questions Interview Questions
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