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Aditya Birla Interview Questions
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if u have to run a 300kw moter then what is ur choice HT or LT switchgear & explain why?

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What is the procedure to calculate the compaction of sand?

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To test Transformer we give HT side 440V to see wheather that it is producing 17.6V on LT to verify Voltage ratio is correct or not but when we give the 440V voltage to LT side then what will happen to HT voltage ?

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what is the function of anti pumping relays? what is KVAR? How it is generated in alternator? What is 3rd Harmonics? What is IDMT relay?


What is pole slipping relay? When it is operated?

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what is 3rd Harmonics? how it is generated in alternator

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what is the difference between data and information and also between data and programs?

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