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Aditya Birla IBM AS400 AllOther Interview Questions
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What is the purpose of 'CPYTOIMPF' command?

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we all know voltage is a force(emf), and the force always devides if 2 or more than2 loads are there but why does the voltage remains same is parallel, it must devide na ???


convert 140 N.m/cm^2 to N.m/mm^2


I am interested to know what does 15 KVA DG set actually means? If I dont know the DG rating, is it possible to identify KW by simply knowing the diesel consumption?


Why should we hire you over the others waiting to be interviewed?


Anyone tell me the test cases of Shopping Favorite


What are the tuning techniques you applied during your last project


what is the difference between bussiness development and bussiness system analyst?


Hi Guys, my requirement is to load 1 yr data from oracle to teradata database through abinitio etl graph.i need to schedule this as a monthly job.but i want to load 12 month data for the first time and from second time it should load last (recent) month data and delete 13th month data. For example For the first time it should load 201208 to 201108 data, second time it should delete 201108 month data and load 201209 month data. I developed garph to load 12 month data ,but i don't know how to handle above requirement as am new to abinitio. i greatly appreciate you help.Thank You.


How native code can be used in a servlet?


what are the warehouse reserch? and pocess of warehouse research?


What are all the problems you faced while validating tables and reports?


What is the cycle of Installing patches.....


purchasing and payables done at what level? means operating unit level or SOB level?


What is the difference between Enhancement point and Enhancement Section?


What is the significance of cost estimate knowledge for an architect?


Aditya Birla IBM AS400 AllOther Interview Questions
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