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CGI Manual Testing Interview Questions
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why we use sql server in webapplication

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Can anyone suggest atleast five test cases for a Pencil?

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CGI MANUAL TESTING INTERVIEW questions: 1. tell me about your self 2. could you please explain bi-directional traceability 3. Tracebulity matrix with example 4. What and diff between validation & verification activities 5. Possible ways to check the log-in screen page get locked (user acc should b same all ways) 6. log in screen for a job portal for user and new registration user screen and give some new requirement changes 7. What is maintainace testing and support-testing 8. What the real time scenarios you are using your system 9. what are the techniques used for test coverage 10. what are the methods used for manual testing to write test case 11 is any domain you would like to prefer 12 have you been a part of end-to end testing (system testing) 13. What is non-functional testing?

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Difference between functional testing and end to end testing?

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How to explain the project? (banking)

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CGI Manual Testing Interview Questions

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