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CGI COBOL Interview Questions
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How do you sort in a COBOL program? Give sort file definition, sort statement syntax and meaning.

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I have a sequential file. How do I access a record in this sequential file randomly in my program ?

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When search all is used in cobol program without sorted input data?

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I got user abend U4038 while compiling my runjcl.. can anyone help me?

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i have a sequencial file contains multiple records, i want to extract one row which contains various fields like order number,date,warehouse,.ect.. in to the another file by accepting the order number from jcl. how can i do it. pls help me..

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hi, can you ppl tell me, how to check whether the rewrite we gave for the ksds file is successful or not in the program.? i gave rewrite, the rewrite code is executing and maxcc=0 but updation doenot happen in the file?

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How can I find the maximum value of a field in a file while reading the file dynamically? without using sort function. Suppose i have a file with fields Timestamp, description, teamname, teamnumber.. i have read the file till end and find the maximun value of timestamp which is not in sorted order.. can we use function max(timestamp)?

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can we display comp-3 variables. if we want to display what we have to do . give me one example

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BY seeing a program how can we say that it is static call or dynamic call

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how can we fetch 3 records in cobol pgm any coding pls ?

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where do u use low-value and high value in cobol

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CGI COBOL Interview Questions

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