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ADITI Interview Questions
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How do you recognise Active X components in winrunner?

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How do handle error/exceptions in winrunner.

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How do you create a startup script in winrunner and what is consists generally?

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How do you carry usability testing?

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what are the major observations that you made when you are doing compatibility testing particularly in web applications?

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How do you test cookies?

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How do you collect the metric?

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What is the output of the program given below #include main() { char i=0; for(;i>=0;i++) ; printf("%d\n",i); }

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What is the output of the following program #include main() { int i=0; fork(); printf("%d",i++); fork(); printf("%d",i++); fork(); wait(); }

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What is the memory allocated by the following definition ? int (*x)[10];

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What is the memory allocated by the following definition ? int (*x)();

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What is the output for the program given below typedef enum grade{GOOD,BAD,WORST,}BAD; main() { BAD g1; g1=1; printf("%d",g1); }

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Give the output for the following program. #define STYLE1 char main() { typedef char STYLE2; STYLE1 x; STYLE2 y; clrscr(); x=255; y=255; printf("%d %d\n",x,y); }

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#ifdef TRUE int I=0; #endif main() { int j=0; printf("%d %d\n",i,j); }

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What is the output for the following program #include main() { char a[5][5],flag; a[0][0]='A'; flag=((a==*a)&&(*a==a[0])); printf("%d\n",flag); }

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