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ADITI ASP.NET Interview Questions
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Your ASP.NET application displays sales data on a page. You want to improve performance by holding the page in memory on the server for one hour. You want to ensure that the page is flushed from memory after one hour, and that the page is re-created when the next request for the page is received. What should you do? A . Initialize a new instance of the Cache class in the Application.Start event handler. B . Initialize a new instance of the Timer class in the Page.Load event handler. C . Set the Duration attribute of the OutputCache directive in the page. D . In the Web.config file, set the timeout attribute of the sessionState element.

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We have 2 sites in which one site allows the user with out asking credentials and second one ask for credentials through a log page. What might be the configurations settings for both sites? We can use IIS and web.config files together.

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on modify statement, executeNonQuery returns zero rows affected even though there has been modification carried out sucessfully in the table.. can anyone tell me is this possible??? if yes, how..???

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