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ADITI Manual Testing Interview Questions
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How do you carry usability testing?

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what are the major observations that you made when you are doing compatibility testing particularly in web applications?

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How do you test cookies?

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Test approach to windows update?


Test approach to windows scheduler?


Write test cases to anti virus software?

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How to crash or negative testing on a the web based game application


how to find which server is not responding properly when there are 10000 servers without any tool


What is Bug Triage?

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Orthogonal Arry Testing?

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Which testing is this- opening .mp3 file through IE Option- 1. cross browser testing 2. Negative testing 3. black box testing

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Which testing is this- verifying the funtionality of each programme 1. white box testing 2. black box testing 3. glass box testing 4. grey box testing

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which out of the following can be considered as performance testing:- 1. Benchmarking 2.Recovery testing 3. more than one user testing


Difference between cache and cookie.

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Notepad(Editor),we test is which type of testing? a)Functionality Testing,b)Compatability Testing,c) All,d) None

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