#ifdef TRUE
int I=0;

int j=0;
printf("%d %d\n",i,j);

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#ifdef TRUE int I=0; #endif main() { int j=0; printf("%d %d\n",i,j); } ..

Answer / jai

Compilation error since 1) TRUE definition is not visible
in above program, 2) i variable is not declared.

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#ifdef TRUE int I=0; #endif main() { int j=0; printf("%d %d\n",i,j); } ..

Answer / vignesh1988i

compailer error

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#ifdef TRUE int I=0; #endif main() { int j=0; printf("%d %d\n",i,j); } ..

Answer / rohit

Compilation error due to 'i' is not declared only.
Not cause by visibility of TRUE macro.

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