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Capital IQ Banking Finance Interview Questions
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What is the difference between Income and Revenue?

5 8667

What is the difference between Capital expenditure and Revenue expenditure?

9 15742

What do u you mean by deferred revenue expenditure?

7 10997

What is goodwill? How do u calculate it?

6 11423

Differences between forward contract and futures contract?

6 11870

What are quick assets? Give me some examples

13 33649

what is called re-capitalization

5 11742

What do you understand by Private Equity? What is the difference b/w PE and Venture Capital?

1 8156

What Are Hedge Funds?

8 11587

how cash enters in market?

2 9052

what is the effect of crr hike on market?

3 12157

In Banking industry difference between interest income and interest expenses is called as .............

9 14883

what is fixed cost?

22 17265

EBIT stands for?

23 19782

Stand form of PAT ?

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