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Capital IQ Accounting General Interview Questions
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what is share slipt and its typea?

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What is finance lease? What are bonus Shares? entry for it. What is Depreciation? What is the Journal Entry? What is DPS? What is minority Interest? where it is shown?


What is marginal costing?

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what is minority interest

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what do you mean by cash profit

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In what way does option issuer benefit

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what is trial balance? How to prepare trial balance?

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what is a journal entery of goodwill?

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Journal entry of outstanding wages is Wages a/c dr TO O/s wages a/c In the Above journal entry why outstanding wages has to be credited ? and o/s wages comes under which account, and why (Personal, Real, Nominal)

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what is the difference between derivatives and swaps

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What is working capital...?

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what is the deference between depreciation explanation


if the current ratio is 0.5 what is the impact of working capital

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when company pass ordinary resolution

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why should we treat closing stock credit side in trading account , and why the reason the closing stock should not appear in the trial balance ?

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Capital IQ Accounting General Interview Questions
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