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Capital IQ Accounting General Interview Questions
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what do u mean by Guidance

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what is the difference bitween Consolidated and Parent Companies?

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Recent trends in Corporate Governence?


How P/E ratio usefull to the different people?


a company getting losses from last 3 years. if u r a analyst what u will recommend to u r clint.?

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What is Contribution?

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What is Current Assets minus current Liabilities?

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Explain the role of working capital in capital budgeting?

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Explain the impact of working capital in general business activities?

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What will happen if an organization not maintain the sufficient working capital?

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Which sistuation Current Assets become worKing capital?

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what is entry for salary paid in advance ?

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How to conduct u r interviews?

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Why we do depreciation?What is the main object of Depreciation?

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What is Differed revenue expenditure?

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Capital IQ Accounting General Interview Questions
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