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Capital IQ Accounting General Interview Questions
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what do u mean by Guidance

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what is the difference bitween Consolidated and Parent Companies?

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Recent trends in Corporate Governence?


How P/E ratio usefull to the different people?


a company getting losses from last 3 years. if u r a analyst what u will recommend to u r clint.?

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What is Contribution?

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What is Current Assets minus current Liabilities?

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Explain the role of working capital in capital budgeting?

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Explain the impact of working capital in general business activities?

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What will happen if an organization not maintain the sufficient working capital?

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Which sistuation Current Assets become worKing capital?

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what is entry for salary paid in advance ?

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How to conduct u r interviews?

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Why we do depreciation?What is the main object of Depreciation?

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What is Differed revenue expenditure?

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Un-Answered Questions

What is alternate item group?


what are prerequiations when asset master data uploaded in legacy system?


what supporting documents do we vouch to for sales, purchases, receivables, payables, sales cutoff, and liabilities cutoff?


What is Pseudocode?


How i can calculate current of cable according to ares?


What is the Use of the inet_netof() Function?


Refernce currents are to be generated using refernce cueernts how can this be done??


What are the key features and functions of service contracts?




What is target url,soap action?


1.Explain 3D radar. 2.Method of mobile signal jamming. 3.Frequency hopping spread spectrum. 4.How does op-amp works in common mode? 5.Which flip flop is known as universal flip flop and why?


Describe the proof of cash type of bank reconciliation?


Hi,  Can somebody help me to know whether WCT MVAt is applicable on catering service, if the caterer is uses his own material and labour for doing cooking in our premises and later the product is sold in the same premises for the employees. Kinldy advice whether WCT will be deducted on this.


how many single tension hardware are required on a double circuit transmission tower?


There is an built in window application in qtp9.1,i.e.Flight4.0.i want to implement the recovery maneger on it.How can i do this?


Capital IQ Accounting General Interview Questions
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