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Adani Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is PIR (pre inserting resistance) in 400kv EHV SF6 BREAKER? Why it use?

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At the time of 1st charging of transformer, there were huge inrush current, so why at that diffrential relay are not operated? Why?

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what will happen if u run induction motor beyond its rated speed

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what is the all safty name of diesel genrator?

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what is the safty of poly phase tranformer?


whycircuit breaker is not connected at the generator end where the capacity of the generator is more say 60MW, 100MW etc.

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how to measure winding resistance of single phase motor?

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what is accuracy ? in any meters , coils accuracy . how can u defined that ?



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Fot testing new star-delta 132 kw motor in electrical worshop.we should check in star or delta connection as we do not have higher capacity cable in worshop?

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why we r used DC megger insted of AC megger?

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Differcence between UPS and Inverter.

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What happen when switch yard one pole not tripe when you tripping the breaker

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Maintenance of transformer???


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