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Adani SAP Business Warehouse Interview Questions
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what is fullform of sap & college, institute of sap course

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1.How you send the data to Target Systems from SAP MDM? 2. Where do you fill the data in SAP MDM? 3. What are qualified Tables in SAP MDM? 4.What are limitations and benefits of WorkFlow in SAP MDM?


speak an minute where u reside


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cgl2012 tier1 mein 62.50 marks they or mera naam TA wali list mein tha but mainey Auditor ko 1st prefernce choose kia tha tier2 mein maths mein 142 or english mein 104.50 marks aaye but fir bhi mera naam only list4 TA main tha or mujhey DEST typing test dena parha i want to know that agar main TA k liye typing test pass ahi kar pata to kya mujhey koi bhi post milegi. pls anybody knows tell me.


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Adani SAP Business Warehouse Interview Questions
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