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BSL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the difference between concentrated winding and Distributed winding in motor?

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what should be the minimum rating for using HT Motors?

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what is ASCR cable and where we use it?

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Which motor has high Starting Torque and Staring current DC motor, Induction motor or Synchronous motor?

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What are the Steps for Testing of 20MVA (make:-CGL) Transformer? How many Test we have to do?

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What are the steps for Testing of 6.6KV HT Panels?

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if the back emf eqution for dc motor EB=(QPNZ/60A) THEN what is the value of A for PMDC MOTOR OR how can dicide the value of "A"

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how we do Vector group ,magnetic balance and tap changer test in Transformer?


how can we decide where we have to DYn11 or other vector group transformer

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diff. between tension mode & speed mode


How will polarity test of Dy5 transformer ?

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what is spadar bar .why I use in DC generator.


Actually why the transformers are rated in KVA.?

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I am an American living in Vietnam and I have recently gotten a refrigerator from Japan and it is rated for 100 vac, but the power here is 220 so I bought a voltage stabilizer it has a 1 kva output rating. Can you please tell me what the amperage is? I'm confused and without a working fridge.


How to calculate the size of cables (all minium/copper) for a particular load

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