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Brigade Interview Questions
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What is amortization?

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what are the feature of windows xp

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what is the diff. b/w system restore and roll back w.r.t windows XP

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What is The Difference Between SDRAM and DDR

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joint venture?


for which device 3xx error encounter?


for which device 6xx error encounter?

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which of d following is not a device

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How we calculate the actual diameter of the TMT Steel

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If u take a kWh reading in 11 kV HT and 440 LV side at same time in yesterday today , then why LT consumed units 3-4℅ high as compared to HT units

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Un-Answered Questions

explain the DMA Transfer Cycle Stealing. Draw the DMA Module Diagram.


what is Modular hardware?


Whatis the reset ofset and control system in instrumentation


What are the naming conventions for aggregates created from statistics?


why particularly lock object name starts with EZ OR EY?


Explain the different methods used in the choice of rotor slots for reduction of harmonic torques in an induction motor.


capital goods purchased from Singapore. payment made by bank in rupees. but the invoice value is in USD, How to make purchase entry in tally?


what are the problems that generally occur in power flows??


What is the height of DA, DAL, DB, DC & DDE tower?


Through which protocol OLEDB components are interfaced?


describe a difficult customer or co worker you have experienced in the past and how you dealt with him/her?


why do u came to EXIM bank?


skrtch and discuss an optical pyrometer. hoe is its accuracy improved? also state why this instrument cannot be used in temperture control system.


what is a text table ?


What is activity? Types, customizing settings? How will you change the reasons according to the status?


Brigade Interview Questions
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