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Brigade Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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why we used bricks in brickbat coba? main roll of bricks ? how it function?

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How we calculate the actual diameter of the TMT Steel

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# 1. Size of slit content in sand. # 2. Gravity of sand # 3. Water observation capacity of sand. # 4. minimum crushing Strength of sand.

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# 1. Water observation capacity (MAximum)of Solid bricks # 2. Minimum Crushing Strength of Solid Blocks.

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# 1. size of the Bricks # 2. Minimum Crushing Strength of Bricks

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# 1, What should be the Maximum Water observation of wood # 2. Is Alluminium is an alloy or not

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The ff slab casted its thickness 100mm.2nd floor slab will be casting its 300 we shall be given suppot to that 300mm thk slab.ple way me

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How to calculate brick work quantity?? Block work quantity??


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