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ACS Accounting General Interview Questions
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Business entity concept?

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Accounting golden rules?

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Purchases entry?

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Purchase returns?

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What will be the entry in book, stock get destroyed in fire Of rs. 1, 00,000/- in two circumstances?

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what is the reason for finding break even point

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"i have received half of the salary in advance and another half in the end of month" what will be the journal entry for this?

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How is closing stock is valued at the end of the accounting year?

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Is petty cash book is compulsory in all companies?

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Cash in hand-5000,Cash at bank-4000, Bill receivable- 3000,Bills payable-5000,Bank loan-6000.Calculate total liability of the firm?

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what is accounting disclosure

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if u sale an asset for Rs.1000, which shows the book value of 8600. what will be the journal entry???

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if u sale an asset for 10000, which has a book value of 8500. what will be the journal entry???

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What are the three major parts of accounting

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ACS Accounting General Interview Questions

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