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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Seamless tubes are made by?

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how work a harmonics filter(L-C combition).

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what is the formula for calculating of dielectric strength of transformer oil.

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To attain a powerfactor more than .95, how much kvr should we use for 100 HP of current

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what is ring system ?

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how many stairs have you climbed while you were coming


what is power factor? is it good or bad for a system? what will happen if power factor increase or decrease?

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7. Why AC motors, AC bulbs etc... are donot operated by DC signals? and Why DC motors, DC bulbs etc... are donot operated by AC signals?

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Why AC loads wont used in DC input supply? and Why DC loads wont used in AC input supply?

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what is relay type VDG,CDG,VTT ect?

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how to calculate the load on transformer..????

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What is the exact formula for one weber of magnetic flux?


1. What is the exact formula for one weber? for example,(one ampere = one coulomb electron of electrons crossing a point of conductor at one second. i.e, 1A=1Q/1sec)


What is the differance between a converter duty transformer and normal power transformer?

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what is ic 01,ic 06 ?is it types of cooling?


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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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