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AZTEC Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What are the techniques you follow to write test cases?

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What are the different types of doccuments we can use in mannual testing?

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What is Soak Testing ?

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What is the need of testing? Give three reasons....

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what is localization testing?is it a WBT or BBT technique? thanx mahendar for ur valuable answer.

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What is difference between http and https

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On what type of browsers you have tested your web page?

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You have URL address it is opening fine with your team member system but it is not opening in your system browser? How will you come across?

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What is difference between Test Plan and Test Strategy?

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What is difference between JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and CLR (Common language Runtime) ?

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This is question is for system testing: What are Global catalog server, Schema Master and other NDTS roles ?

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What is Migration testing?

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What is Mutation Testing?

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What is Gorila testing?

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Diffrent between Smoke and Sanity tesing?

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