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AZTEC Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is traceability matrix? when we are using this traceability matrix in ur project?

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What is difference b/w Windows XP & Windows NT

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Can any one explain me, What is Integration testing process?

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There are around 500 test scripts are there to execute by using which internet explorer u will test?

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what is the difference between build and release

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what is error seeding

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scenario is like the following, a software to be installed in the train the work of the software is when ever any object comes opposite to it the train has to be stopped would u plese any bone tell us the test case for this

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What is the outcome of integration testing?

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what is difference between stress testing and load testing?

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What is Difference between White-box Testing and Unit testing?

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Difference between Web based application and web application

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What r the checklist to review testcase?

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user A done some changes for a portion of test case doc. And user B also done some changes to same portion. If user-A checks in his file first then user-B. Then what is the state of that file?

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what is database testing

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will any one told me if any interviewer ask u that wat type of defect tracking tool we use in project then wat will be the answer?

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