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What r the checklist to review testcase?

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What r the checklist to review testcase?..

Answer / saravana

1. Check all the requirements covered or not
2. Check no major scenario is missing
3. Check test step is written complete and understandable
4. Clear expected results is mentioned for each step
5. Check all text and grammar mistake
6. Flow of test step is appropriate
7. Information related to setup of test environment like pre
requisites, what are success/failed , end conditions etc
8. Check is there any invalid test cases
9. Check is there any redundancy in test cases
10. Check priority of test cases
11. Check narration of test cases

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What r the checklist to review testcase?..

Answer / lakshmi v

A testcase consists of different components -

pre-requisites (for executing the test case)
test result

Each of these sections should be clearly mentioned. While
writing test cases it is important to keep in mind that the
test case may even be executed by another person.

The test cases should cover both the equivalence partition
and boundary value conditions.

They should target each part of the application with an eye
for detail. For example, test cases for field validations
should be exhaustive.

Test cases should capture various scenarios that arise while
using the application. This is w.r.t the data flow in the
application. For example, in a web application cases should
cover both a logged in user (cookied user) and visitor

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What r the checklist to review testcase?..

Answer / j

Are you kidding me???? These are your answers? No wonder
our offshore testing in India is so abysmal. You people
are clueless

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What r the checklist to review testcase?..

Answer / ravi148

Farzana is correct and mainly we concentrate on BD
document , bussiness rules, and use cases. if possible we
can look previous projects also.

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What r the checklist to review testcase?..

Answer / k

What a Joke "J"!!!

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What r the checklist to review testcase?..

Answer / shradha

Requirements Tracebility Matrix

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What r the checklist to review testcase?..

Answer / farzana

The correct answer for Checklist is the the list of
documents needed to create a test case,
srs,brs, use case, wire frames

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